Bittersweet Batangas

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I've been wanting to dedicate a small corner of my blog to chronicle my local and international adventures, but I just realized yesterday that with all the tags I've been putting--it's next to impossible. I tried to get my ducks in a row yesterday but I couldn't keep up with all the mislabeled posts. I managed to keep track of some of the places I remember blogging about, but got too lazy to really check on everything. But hey, here's to trying? Yes. 

Speaking of adventures, this is an overdue post from 2 months ago. I was thinking if I should still blog about it since this spot is quite commonplace during the summer. But since I'm really trying to organize my travel posts, I figured I should. 

A day before my birthday, the bestest best friends in the whole wide world took me to La Luz Beach Resort so I can have a pre-birthday at the beach. It was also a reunion of some sort. I met two of my closest guy friends when I was still working for IBM, about 5 years ago. All three of us started with the same position and have since ventured into different industries.

We opted for a Day trip package at the price of P900 since we went there on a Sunday, right before lunch. And, it wouldn't be wise to actually spend money for an overnight stay since CG, one of my best friends, live in Los Banos. 

The place was pretty crowded because Summer, duh.The beach was okay. The shore was rocky and it's not advisable to just lay there while sunbathing because it will feel like some sort of torture massage. My clumsy self also didn't fail to get injured while walking along the shore. We initially were assigned a Cabana at the left side of the resort--something we didn't like because that part was a tad too crowded. Most of the activities (Kayaking, Banana Boat Ride, etc.) were also stationed there hence the noise. We asked a staff to have us transferred to a Cabana on the right most part of the resort but nothing was available. 

But out parents taught us never to give up right? We brought our things to the right most part of the resort aka the highly coveted area to be on the lookout for Cabanas about to be vacated. Fortunately, one rowdy group was on their way to the check-out counter so we snagged that Cabana the moment we had a chance. For P900, you get to stay at the resort from 8AM - 5PM with a buffet lunch and merienda. Not bad, huh? 

The lunch buffet was okay. They don't immediately refill the dishes that run out. You can always go back and fall in line. But then again, the long line doesn't really make it that enticing to go back. The activity that would be most productive (at least for me) when in Batangas would be snorkeling. As always, I suggest you bring your own snorkeling gear. Most of the pretty spots are also located at the right most part of the beach that's why we did most of our shoot there. Shoot talaga? Professional? Lol. But overall, for the price of P900, I think it was worth it. PS their comfort rooms are noteworthy as well. They were clean, not smelly and they don't run out of toilet paper. Well, of course they do. But they're quick in replacing them.

For a first-timer, I'd say the experience was quite impressive. For instructions on how to get there, you can refer to this page. If you want to spend the night, you can refer to their site for room rates. I got all the info from their website, which, mind you, is not easy to navigate that's why I hyperlink-ed the necessary. If you get to try it out, let me know about your experience!

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